About Our Trips

At Guided Path Adventures, our guides offer direct services in the following areas:

Guided Mountain Bike Adventures

Life doesn’t have to be so serious! Think back to when you were a kid. Remember riding your bike all over your neighborhood until the street lights came on? Or maybe the spoke card and soda can days of letting all your friends know who was coming just by the sound? We want to take you back to the basics of the bike: HAVING FUN! Whether you haven’t ridden since your childhood or if you are a “Pro-bro,” you’ll leave with that same smile you had while riding bikes as a kid. Still a kid? Well, you’re about to gain a new set of skills and memories to take back to all of your spoke card and soda can friends.

Hiking and Trail Running

GPA has a plethora of locations and experience in hiking/trail running from which to choose. Whether this is your first time out or you’re prepping for hike of the Pacific Crest trail, we have something for everyone. GPA can steer you in the right direction with tips and training from our experts.

Team Building Events

GPA provides adventure race themed events that encourage team work and A LOT of smiling! If you are interested in a team building event and would to like to lean more please fill out the contact form below and we will reach out to you shortly.